Thursday, 20 April 2017

An “Inspector blogging” was born

I joined the police for the first time 33 years ago. 

It was on a Monday.  

Lots of stuff happened and I left about 3 years later to go traveling, which is not that unusual.  I did not however buy a pair of flip flops, dress like a pirate and disappear over the horizon in a camper van.  Instead I asked the Queen to kindly give me a job.  Well, maybe I didn’t ask the Queen directly but the application forms had “Royal” written all over them. I got the job, moved out of London and off I went in a grey ship.  

It was fun, amongst a lot of other things.  

I left about 16 years later. 

It was on a Thursday.  

On a Monday I joined the police again, except this time I was living in Cornwall and not London.  

I’ve been here ever since and lots of stuff is still happening in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.  I have often thought that some of the happening stuff may be useful or interesting to someone.  And now I have a desk job and seldom wear a funny hat or drive quickly (and safely!) I thought that every week or two I would write this blog. An “Inspector blogging” was born. 

That is the introduction written, and I look forward to sharing some of the stuff that is going on in April here in the sunny Duchy.  

PS - I wanted Inspector Gadget, but that’s been taken.  
PPS – Drive safely, be kind to each other, don’t pinch stuff.

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